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New Book: Highlights Female Gospel Trailblazers!

Updated: Jan 14

A unique tribute to often overlooked women who have left an indelible mark on Gospel Music--powerful talents who overcame racism and sexism to define the genre, establish its sound, and set the standard for good sangin' for generations.

"Many women in the Gospel music industry go unnoticed, unpaid, and under-appreciated for their contributions, yet it is these women who are often the bedrock for songwriting, arranging, directing, and developing singers."

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Cheryl Wills, the granddaughter of a Gospel singer, at last shines a spotlight on these spectacular women of song. The only book of its kind, Isn't Her Grace Amazing! showcase the talents, gifts, and skills of women in the Gospel music industry. It celebrates these heroines, chronicles their journeys from the choir loft to the world's largest stages, and reveals how they revolutionized this sacred music that is beloved worldwide. From the matriarchs of this movement to today's chart-topping divas, Wills offers in-depth portraits of twenty-five amazing women of Gospel music--based on interviews and extensive research--behind-the-scenes stories of favorite gospel hits, and illuminates what makes each of them shine.

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